About WKM Gallery

WKM Gallery, founded by William Kayne Mukai, is a dynamic and innovative art space in Hong Kong. With a unique background encompassing French and Japanese roots, William is dedicated to bridging cultures and championing talented artists from around the world. The gallery offers a platform for both emerging and established artists, fostering creativity and cultural exchange. WKM Gallery curates exceptional exhibitions that transcend boundaries, inspire creativity, and enrich the global art community.

About the Founder

At the helm of WKM Gallery is visionary founder William Kayne Mukai, whose unique blend of French and Japanese heritage infuses the gallery with a profound art-world experience. He’s dedicated to bridging cultures and championing talented artists, particularly the younger generation. William is committed to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and propelling artists forward, crafting a legacy of artistic expression and cultural exchange. Under his guidance, WKM Gallery is a beacon of creative collaboration and boundless artistic possibilities.

About the Gallery Space

WKM Gallery, spanning over 2,600 square feet, seamlessly combines exhibition, a special common area, and a backdrop of serene mountains. Designed by CASE-REAL led by Japanese Architect Koichi Futatsumata, it embodies Japan’s spiritual essence, transcending traditional gallery norms.

In the gallery’s four main zones, walls and columns create intriguing depths, hinting at what lies ahead, reminiscent of Japan’s shoji screens and noren curtains. These spaces deliberately cultivate a distinct “ma” (間), a Japanese design concept representing the space between elements. This “ma” serves as a threshold between viewer and art, enabling an independent and profound appreciation of art’s sublime essence.

Inspired by Wong Chuk Hang’s industrial heritage, the gallery’s design masterfully marries the softness of white oak with the ruggedness of the existing space. This fusion creates a captivating contrast, infusing the gallery with a sense of novelty. It establishes an oasis of calmness within the bustling urban landscape of Hong Kong, capturing the interest of those who experience this unique juxtaposition.

Koichi Futatsumata, director of CASE-REAL and the architect behind this innovative design, shares his vision: “We aspire to enrich the art appreciation experience by harnessing spiritual elements, delving into the depths of the human psyche. This approach is designed to create a space that resonates on a psychological level and enhances the overall experience of engaging with the artwork.”

By blending contrasting elements – spirituality and delicacy with contemporary or street art – WKM Gallery creates a distinctive and compelling atmosphere. This juxtaposition allows viewers to engage with the art on a deeper level while appreciating the thoughtful design of the space, resulting in a richer and more immersive art experience.

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